About Social Media Usage

BNUJFC uses social media to celebrate and recognise player skills and to promote the club activities. During the season, BNUJFC organises two main campaigns, The goal of the weekend and Brooklyn Got Talent. Both campaigns aim to publish videos with player interventions during matches.

Videos are provided by parents and volunteers. Every video gets into a queue where following criteria are check before publishing:

  • Players appearing in video must have given consent from parents to appear on social media.

  • Team diversity is pursued as much as possible. This is done ad-hoc by the social media team of the club but given more than two videos, the team will look to publish the less published team.

  • The goal of the team is to publish one or two videos per week. Videos that don't get published in a certain week may be published later. If the queue is full or there are too many videos from a given team, a submitted video may not be published.

Main players appearing in every video published will receive an award at the annual prize giving ceremony.

This is an ongoing initiative and the goal is to promote football in junior ages.

We understand that publishing children content on Internet is very sensitive and it requires parent consent and although we minimise identity exposure as much as possible and videos usually does not expose images in detail, if you find a player that is being shown in the video whose parents has not gave consent to get in social media, or there is any other observation you can contact to socialmedia@bnujfc.co.nz and the club will take action as soon as possible.