Player Gear

The gear players wear depends on if they are playing for a BNU or Alliance team. Alliance teams are formed as a combination of Wellington United and Brooklyn Northern United clubs. Generally the gear is the same across the 2 types of teams apart from the team top, which will be supplied by the club at your first practice or game.

BNU Uniform

The BNU Club uniform is

Note that we would prefer the shorts and socks to be plain black, however a small logo of approximate max size as indicated below is fine in any location on the garment. Any bigger however would not be acceptable.

Alliance Uniform

The Alliance uniform is 

General Gear


Shin-guards are compulsory equipment for the safety of players. These come in a variety of different types depending on what the player likes including those that slip down the front of the socks and those that have ankle protection as well. Most older players like the slide down ones as these provide more ankle freedom for ball control, but have the downside of moving about more and not providing as much protection as the other types.


Players will most likely be playing on a mixture of grass and astro-turf. FG (firm ground) football boots are probably the best compromise for these playing surfaces if you are looking to buy only 1 pair of boots. These generally come as plastic molded soles as shown below. Any colour boot is acceptable.

SG (soft ground) football boots (think old school 6-8 screw in studs) are not recommended as when they are playing on firmer grass or astro-turf grounds they will stand higher off the ground and might be more likely to roll an ankle. For the older age grounds who are more serious, however, a 2nd pair of SG boots can be a good investment to buy for very muddy grounds to get more grip. But are not necessary otherwise.

Sneakers or indoor football shoes are not suitable footwear.

Socks, shorts and shin-guards are available from Kilbirnie Sports and Football Central Wellington. Kilbirnie Sports offers club members a discount on their football related purchases.

The club supplies players with shirts, which must be returned at the end of the season. Club shirts should only be worn for matches and not for practice or casual wear.

The club runs a second-hand football boot sale on registration day.