2022 May Newsletter

Kia ora Koutou,  

It's great to shortly be starting the 2022 football season. By now everyone should have heard from their team's coach/manager and are ready for the games this weekend. 

 This year we have over 230 players forming 8 Girls Only teams, 8 BNU mixed teams, 9 Alliance mixed teams and 1 Alliance Girls Only team plus over 20 First Kicks players. 

The BNUJFC committee has been working for some months to get ready for the season and I would like to give a shout out to Ian Paterson, Simon Reed, Jenn McEwan, Ben Macintosh, Sarah Lanigan, James Shaw, Leo Summerfield and Roberto Allende for all the work so far. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. One of the biggest efforts has been migrating to a new player registration and management system, Friendly Manager. There have been a couple of minor teething problems but overall it looks like it will be a great tool for the coming years.

 Now it's time for the players to get on the field and for all the great coaches, managers and referees to support them. 

While for some players this will be the first time they have kicked a ball in 6 months, for others it's just an extension of continuing to play after summer. Regardless, it's great that we can cater for all abilities (and enthusiasm levels) in the current framework and through our Alliance with Wellington United.  

A couple more points

The rules

For those sidelines supporters that need to brush up on the latest rule changes - please see the attached handy guide from NZ Football


Thank you all for supporting the hoodies. We had 65 orders come in and we will be doing a second run in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye on your emails! 

Do note, there are still about 10 hoodies yet to be collected, please contact jenn@bnujfc.co.nz to organise a pick-up time. 

BNUJFC Got's Talent Contest

We are happy to announce the 2022 Brooklyn's Got Talent contest. This is a contest to celebrate and recognise player skills and intervention on football matches in the 2022 season.

Just share videos with good interventions of your son or daughter playing a match as part of a BNUJFC or Alliance/Collaborative team. The player on the video with the most likes on our social media will win a fabulous prize. 

Just send your video after every match and before September 1st and join us to celebrate football in Brooklyn!

Details and rules

To submit videos or for any question or doubt, don’t hesitate to write to us at bnutalent@bnujfc.co.nz

To read more about our social media policy, visit https://www.bnujfc.co.nz/social-media

Going Green

Climate change is real and affecting us now. We can all take steps to minimize our impacts and one of the ways we can do this as a junior football club is thinking about how we move around. Whether it's to practices or games - please consider liaising with your teammates to walk (walking bus), bike, car pool and/or take public transport. Every little bit of carbon reduction is needed and helps.

Look out for a competition next month to recognise those that are making efforts to minimize their carbon footprint.