A few reminders before the kickoff

Just a few hours before the first games, here is a collection of resources and reminders about the law of the game and another important aspects of the game.

Home and Away teams

The HOME team is the first team name in the fixture - so it is TEAM A in TEAM A vs TEAM B. The AWAY team is the second team - ie TEAM B


The AWAY team makes the call "heads or Tails"". The winner of the toss chooses to have the kickoff or ends (which way they play)


HOME team ref's the whole game if they have a ref who has done a ref's course else the AWAY team ref's the whole game if they have a ref who has done a ref's course otherwise you share a half each with a a volunteer from each team Grade 7 & 8 have sideline "facilitators", not refs and only players on the pitch

Even Playing Time

All players should have an equal playing time. It will help the coach if a parent can assist with the substitutions to support this. But please only change goalies at halftime.

Retreating Line (Grades 9-12)

This is where the opposition retreats to when the defending team has a goal kick. It's usually marked as a dotted line 2/3rds out from the goal line to halfway

The goalie takes the goal kick to one of his teams defenders. The opposition cannot cross the retreating line until the defender plays the ball. The defender has SIX seconds to play the ball. It should be very rare , but the opposition can get a free kick on the retreating line if the defender does not play the ball in time.

Sideline Support

Please ensure all players and parents accept the referees decisions , any concerns can be raised by the coach at halftime or full time.

Please allow the coach to provide all guidance to the players during the game.

Please voice appropriate.support and encouragement and refrain from any criticism.

Rules and Resources