COMET Registration Guidelines 2021

1. Login to Comet at

If you have not previously registered on Comet you will need to choose the ‘New User? Register’ option at the bottom of the Log In box, create a profile and follow the instructions sent to you. Make sure to use your child’s name and date of birth when registering!

2. Once you have successfully logged in the screen will appear as below. Click on ‘Register Players’ and then ‘Football’.

3. If you were previously registered under Brooklyn Northern United Junior Football Club the page will show a list of options - click on the arrow next to the Grade that you are registering your child for. Alternatively, simply search on our club name - Brooklyn Northern Utd Junior FC - for the registration options to appear.

4. The screen will change to the below and you will be presented with the mandatory ‘survey options’ of Parent Assistance and Social Media Acceptance (to find out more about social media acceptance click here). Please complete these and then click on the Add to Cart button at the top right-hand side. It will look like Comet has removed your responses but please ignore this!!! There will be a number on the Add to Cart button which is the key.

5. The screen will then change again to the below - tick the check box and click on Pay Later.

6. You will receive an email confirmation as below.

7. Finally - you will note that payment cannot be made online via the Comet Registration process. Please refer to our website for details around how to make payment directly to our bank account and ensure you send an email to to confirm once you’ve made payment. Remember to pay before 28 Feb to make the most of early bird pricing.

Hoodie Purchasing

1. While you are logged in to Comet, from the Dashboard choose the ‘Other’ option under ‘Events and Other’.

2. The screen will change to the below, click on the arrow next to the option you are wishing to purchase - Kids or Adult

3. On the next screen choose the size you are wanting to purchase, and if you are wanting to personalise the back of your hoodie with a name/nickname enter this into the text field below the size options.

4. Click on Add to Cart, then click on the Cart logo at the top right

5. Click on the Proceed to checkout button

6. On the Checkout Summary click on the ‘Please tick to continue’ button and then click on ‘Pay Later’.

7. You will receive a confirmation email as below and should proceed to make payment using the bank account details provided on our website and send an email to to confirm this.