Alliance Trials 2020

The Alliance is a collaboration between the two clubs. It also allows those players that wish to play at

a premier level the opportunity to play in the strongest competition possible. This helps ensure that

players play with those of a similar ability and therefore in an appropriate grade. This benefits all

players whether they end up in a club or alliance team.

The trials are intended to be a fun, enjoyable experience for the kids and will be a mix of drills and

games. We would encourage all players to trial.

If a player wishes to be considered for an Alliance team they must attend both trials. If your child

wishes to trial for an Alliance team but is not available – then you must let us know prior to 20


We realize some players may wish to only be considered for teams within their home club. If this is

the case they do not need to trial.

Please wear football boots and shin pads. Please bring a drink bottle.

Players must be registered with either WU or BNU to trial. Please ensure you have registered and

paid by the 20 February. You can register for BNU here.

Any changes /postponements will be placed on the Facebook page of BNU.

Trials 2020

Saturday 22 rd February and 29th February

Location: Newtown Park #2 (top field)

Please ensure you turn up during the Sign-In for your grade. This will help ensure the day moves