How to join

Registrations are closed EXCEPT for First Kicks and Under 7/8 players

Returning and new players

All players must register through COMET System, please follow the instructions detailed here.

Families with more than one player

Each player has a separate profile, so if you are registering for more than one child, or family member, you will need to do each one separately under their own profile.


Once registrations are complete on COMET System, please do a bank transfer to the following account

  • Amount: see registration fee below

  • BNU JFC bank account

  • 03-1537-0001120-00 (Westpac account)

  • In the particulars please enter players First Name, Last Name and Grade

Early Bird Registration

Early bird registrations have now closed.

Registration Fees

Saturday Mixed Gender and Sunday Girls Only

  • $135 first child

  • $105 second child

  • $80 third child

Girls registered for both Mixed and Girls Only Grades

  • $210

First Kicks

  • $40 for each child


The first and second child fees are unchanged from 2018

The third child fee has been adjusted to cover the NZ & Capital Football levy


You can also update your personal details and change your password within your MyComet profile.

If you are having trouble logging in or resetting your password, please email